Our Mission Is To Have ZERO Waste, Which Is Why We Make To Order

Bespoke Tailoring

Are you looking to stand out from the crowd?

Whether it's a new outfit for the races, a bespoke tweed shooting set or a 'just because' treat, we can make your dreams a reality! 

Fashion is our passion, so we're already thinking about your new fashion staple.

During our bespoke service we will work closely with you to ensure we meet and exceed every expectation that you have, every step of the way. 

We will sit down, gather your thoughts, ideas, loves and hates. We will show you multiple samples of our 100% Welsh wool tweed, our luxurious satin linings and our British made fastenings. 

Our consultations can be carried out both virtually and face to face.  


Why Welsh Wool?

Wool garments are thought to be expensive but this isn’t actually the case. They’re an investment. You know exactly where they comes from and what you’re paying for, they:

  • Can be worn over and over and is always in style
  • Last longer and work out cost-effective in the long run
  • Are made with skills and craftsmanship with sustainability in mind
  • Come from local wool where farmers are paid a fair price
  • Are made by local people

So you’ll look and feel good. Our Welsh Wool clothing starts and ends at our farm in Pembroke. We rear and shear our own sheep, the fleece then travels 45 miles to the mill where it is washed, spun and woven. It is then returned to us as a beautiful woven cloth. 

The whole process is completed in UNDER 90 miles. 


What Your Support Means To Us 

Clare hopes to start Crowdfunding to revive the local weaving industry and needs support of £500k - £1m to help achieve this goal.

With a revived weaving industry in Pembroke Dock, it would:

  • Carry on the tradition that would otherwise be lost
  • Provide skills, training and employment for future generations of local people
  • Allow big designers to use the fabrics
  • Raise the reputation of Welsh wool
  • Keep the local farming industry alive, paying a fair price for their fleece
  • Boost tourism and overall local economy

Clare would like to start linking up with local colleges and universities where the new generation of designers could use her fabrics, be offered internships, and have funding for innovative ideas and projects.

It would be a springboard of possibilities where Welsh Wool could be used in other areas, such as plasters, furniture, shoes, and many more.

The boost in jobs and local economy it would bring would be phenomenal. But best of all, Wales and its wool would be known worldwide.

Welsh wool has endless possibilities.