Our Mission Is To Have ZERO Waste, Which Is Why We Make To Order

Our Flock


Whilst starting her career Clare never imagined she would use wool for her creations let alone using the wool of her own farm animals.

Going from 6 sheep in 2013 to having bred over 300 to date. Clare has a flock of white and coloured rare breeds, Ryeland and Shetland sheep.


Why Use Wool?

As well as creating beautiful products, wool is:

  • Cosy, comfortable and regulates your temperature
  • Natural
  • Sustainable
  • Durable


Not following the crowd

Wool of coloured Ryeland sheep is often thought to be useless as it can’t be dyed and is believed to be itchy.

Clare changes this perception and has proven their wool can be used and turned into stylish and comfortable products with a beautiful finish.


Working Year Round

The sheep are bred, nurtured and sheared by Clare and her family at their own farm.

Lambing in Spring. Shearing in May. The wool is then sent to the weavers, where it is washed, spun and weaved into charming tweeds using traditional methods.

Using the only finisher in Britain, the material is dry-cleaned, resulting in an exquisite cloth with a modern twist in elegant colours.

It’s a lengthy process but it’s so worth it!


Beyond the sheep

In addition to the sheep, Clare welcomed Angora goats to her farm. Using the soft and warm mohair for her small bespoke knitwear.

Any extra fleece needed - whether it is sheep, goat or alpaca - is sourced from local farmers and makers for a fair price.

As the brand continues to grow, Clare intends to buy more fleece from local farmers. Expanding the network of her suppliers to support local farming and economy.

The aim is to go from farm to hanger - completely in Pembrokeshire.