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Our Story


Clare Johns went from a little girl watching countless fashion shows and a love for animals, to having garments in London Fashion Week using wool from her own farm animals.

After a National Diploma in Fashion and Textiles in Pembrokeshire College and graduating with a degree in Fashion Design at the University of Wales, Clare’s fashion career went on the back burner to raise her children.

But an opportunity presented itself that intertwined her love of animals and fashion design.


Weaving two passions: fashion and farming

Not being able to afford land, owning a farm was just a dream.

But an opportunity came that saw Clare and her husband running an unused training farm with their own animals. Starting with rare breed Ryeland sheep.

Having trained as a fashion designer and missed being creative, Clare had the idea of using the wool from her sheep to make clothes.

With no training in knitwear, Clare wondered how to go about this. But while visiting Wonderwool Wales (Wales’ premier Wool and Natural Fibre Festival), Clare chatted to a weaver, who suggested producing her own fabric from the wool.

Filled with excitement, new ideas and inspiration knowing she could produce unique garments from start to finish, she took the plunge and sent the wool off to produce tweed.

Taking six months, the material arrived and Clare instantly fell in love with the whole process that she learnt along the way.


Made in Wales - from shearing to sewing

Start to finish - from farm to hanger - the whole process happens in the UK using Welsh wool.

Wool from sheep that are bred, reared and sheared at Clare’s farm. Any extra wool needed is sourced from local farmers and makers at a fair price.

Sent to a mill in West Wales; the wool is washed, spun and then weaved using traditional methods into a quality tweed cloth.

After a clean and press at their finishers, the cloth is back with Clare to transform it into beautiful, luxurious - and often bespoke - timeless classics.


Rethinking Tweed

Clare is on a mission to change the perception of tweed.

People tend to think that tweed it old and scratchy. Clare’s tweed is the complete opposite.

Using a process that ensures a high quality finish, and choosing pleasing linings and colours, she produces comfortable and luxurious garments that can be worn for decades.


Sustainability never looked so good

Garments are ethically produced. Protecting the planet and supports local farmers in the process.

A collection of fashionable and practical garments, valuing quality, elegance and sustainability.

Worn by the Duchess of Cornwall and featured in Made In Chelsea, Clare’s designs embraces modern country-living style whilst honouring Welsh heritage.

From warm and cosy classic knitwear to ‘strut your stuff’ glamorous tweed garments - are all handmade with love.